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The CS crew on the Maizy


Things I learned on my adventure: by Maggie Marshall

  • When you ask the Universe (as my sister would say “call for the order”) and make your needs and prayers to God clear to friends/family the door can be opened (thank you dear Jodie).  
  • When you have an accomplished and hospitable Captain and First Mate your adventure will be exciting, full of fun AND inspiring.
  • You can learn the steps to pump a boat toilet and store your tissues in less than 24 hours.
  • You can laugh yourself to sleep when you are blessed to have roommate with a sense of humor.
  • When you toss the line out on the dock, you throw it over the head of who’s catching it and there’s always someone on the dock waiting to help.  
  • Stars can reflect on a perfectly still glassy ocean when the lights of civilization are turned off …Orion’s Belt is the brightest.
  • Even if you don’t think of yourself as much of a game person, your competitive spirit kicks in quickly playing with your fun crew members until late at night.
  • Prayers are also answered at sea.
  • All hats can blow off in wind.
  • Crab legs and Lingcod taste the best when you can say “I helped”.
  • Blow-up/pump-up boats work great as rowing boats/kayaks.
  • Frozen fish heads make great bait for crab pots.
  • Should have bought more tiny boxes of herbs/spices as Christmas gifts, such a perfect gift from Maison Cote at the beautiful Granville Island market.
  • When you’re at the helm it is a magnificent feeling, all your senses seem to stand at attention, you’re alert, have a tremendous amount of energy, a feeling of incredible responsibility and there is excitement in the air.

I’m so grateful we carry our adventures with us - When I think back on our last day heading home, crossing the George Straight when the sails were full, that feeling of exhilaration/joy continues to stay with me.

Nautical Apprentice

1 Week Sailing in , BC

I was in awe of the beauty of our planet as seen from the perspective of a catamaran.

The cool sea spray, smell of forest air, looming shadows of mountains, and silent inlets are something you have to experience for yourself.

Captain Bill is a patient, fun, and insightful mentor to any level of sailing ability.  Helmswoman Marsha is the most loving host you can ask for.  She always has a desert surprise in mind!

I gained a deeper appreciation for one of the oldest forms of travel.  I left feeling inspired to live simply and adventurously.  Living on the boat for a week, the rest of the crew becomes like family.  Everyone works as a team and it is a great bonding experience.  The whole trip worked out perfectly!


Hi Bill and Marsha,

Loved our trip sailing the San Juan Islands! Thank you so much!!! Adventure, beauty, food, all just perfect!
Thank you for a perfectly wonderful trip!

With hugs,



Gosh, I could just "feel" the warm breezes blowing.  That was a terrific trip with many happy and special memories to cherish.  Many thanks to you and Marsha for making it so very special, including a whole lot of inspiration!!

Again, thanks so much for all the time and effort you put in to making our "OneWorld" experience memorable!It truly was extraordinary for me and something I will always remember with awe for the beauty surrounding us and gratitude for the special friendships and inspiration shared.  Captain Bill and Marsha were perfect to guide and provide for us and you, Merry Ann and Catherine were super companions and Crew members.  I thoroughly enjoyed it all. Hope to be in touch again soon.Love

Mary Lou

So very grateful for this trip. It was such fun!!!! So appreciated being on that sailing trip—AWESOME!  Much love, Merry Ann


Camp Bow-Isle senior girls 2015


The "real senior girls" 2015

Dear Marsha and Bill, Thanks so much for the beautiful vacation and your graceful hosting of us all. Being under full sail crossing the Strait of Georgia – such power and grace and beauty – stands out in my memory and I keep pondering those moments... as well as the many other – spectacular rainbow, fresh cod and crab, beautiful islands, delicious food, fun times, etc.. Many thanks for your love and skill, Hugs, Susan
Oh my goodness, thank you for the map and pictures.
Still have a big smile on my face this week from our wonderful adventure!
Hope we all get to adventure together again!

I Love San Juan Boating

From the beginning Captain Bill and Marsha were concerned with making our experience fit our expectations and giving us choices, wanting us to have fun and enjoy the trip fully.  And we did! 

I’d had very little experience sailing.  There was no pressure to take on sailing jobs, but gentle encouragement to try new things and as a result I learned new skills I’d never thought to tackle. 

Everyone brought a sense of adventure with them.  It was a week full of delightful surprises, fresh air, great companions, beautiful scenery, and plenty of laughter.  I loved every minute of it.

In August of 2013 a friend and I cruised the San Juan Islands and Canadian Gulf Islands with Captain Bill Blok and First Mate Marsha Pecaut.  We had a wonderful time.  Bill and Marsha did everything they could to make us comfortable and plan the itinerary to include things we wanted to see and do.  It was such a joy to make the cruise with them since they were very familiar with those waters and ports of call, and they were such fun people to be with.  Everyone pitched in and did everything, enjoying life aboard a sailboat, beautiful scenery, and exceptional camaraderie.  There wasn’t much wind, so we didn’t get much sailing in; but nevertheless, we had a grand time.

Last year I went with Captain Bill on the San Juans Island Church Hop. While luxuriating in a large catamaran sailing ship with other Christian Scientists we attended two different churches. First attending church on Sunday morning in Friday Harbor and after church we had lunch with the members there. We also attended Wednesday evening church in Victoria. We enjoyed our taxi ride with the members of that church and the stay in the harbor in their fair city was fantastic. We wandered around the city and enjoyed the history in the Parliament buildings. During our week, we helped set sail, fix the meals, read our lessons, sang hymns and camp songs and testified to our experiences in Christian Science all in a great setting of ocean, whales, islands, Buchart Gardens, and glorious sunsets in the coves and harbors of several islands-not to mention the beautiful eastern view of the mountains of Western Washington: Mt. Baker and the Cascades. Loved this trip and would recommend it to anyone wanting a great experience.
Natalie Ross, CS
Springfield, Oregon

Natalie (center)

Friday harbor church

NLC teens trip

Canada trip

Camp Bow-Isle boys


I had a great time with Captain Bill and First Mate Marsha, crossing San Francisco Bay in their beautiful power boat that they are able to trailer up and down the coast on their trips from Oregon to visit family in San Diego. We motored from the Harbor next to ATT Park over to Tiburon for a delicious breakfast at New Morning Café. The sun came out early, Bill and Marsha are very caring, you feel like an old time friend, and it was so sweet that my dog could go along for the ride.

Marcia T

Marsha, Marcia, and Peppy

Dear Bill and Marsha,

To verbally print, write, say that my voyage in the northwest water ways this past August was a blast, fun, joyous, exciting, adventure would be an understatement. Having never sailed, or been out in the open waters except on a big ferry boat the 33’ Catamaran, named Cats Paw, was certainly a new experience.

What made this an exceptional trip was the company. Captain Bill and 1st mate Marsha were the most accommodating hosts. They even rearranged the intinnary so that the trip remained in and about the islands, away from city lights, traffic and technology when the guests didn’t what to leave Poets Cove. The new plan included, anchoring off different islands, putting out traps for prawns and crabs, kayaking around and hiking on the islands. We learned to read the maps and charts, put up and take down sails, read the computer and steer the boat. When you weren’t otherwise occupied it was all eyes on the water watching for seals, dolphins, whales, and dead heads. Food was fabulous, cooked and prepared right there on the boat, and with everyone pitching in preparation and clean up was a breeze. After dinner was a great time for sharing, games, a movie and popcorn.

One of the greatest assets that flowed throughout the trip was joy and laughter! Laughing and kidding and light hearted banter. One memorable night we all sat on the hammock on the back of the boat and looking up at the dark night sky, twinkling with millions of stars, we watched for and saw shooting stars. All the time we were looking we were sharing our adventures and experiences and joys of being a Christian Scientist. Did I mention laughing! Laughing and kidding and light hearted banter. It was GREAT.

What really made it all special was the fact that we were all of one accord. Singing hymns, discussing the lesson, sharing demonstrations and laughing! Learning from one another and feeling the embrace of God’s Love and joy all around.

Thank you All for the memories.

Lin Paporello, Boise Idaho

Lin Paporello

"Want to have more fun than ever? Find new best friends? See some of the most peaceful and beautiful places on earth? My recommendation is to go sailing with Marsha and Capt. Blok in the San Juan Islands. This amazing sailing experience was so uplifting, healing, joyous, humorous, calming yet exciting, it is hard to describe. I'd just say join them and I guarantee you will truly have the time of your life!!!"

-Jill Lesly Jones


Jill Jones at the helm



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